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FIFA 20: How to Easily Win SQB Challenges

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FIFA 20 Squad battles

What are FIFA 20 SBCs?

As mentioned above, SBC stands for "Squad Building Challenge." They are precisely what their name implies. You need the challenge of building a squad that meets the given criteria. Some are simple. They only require players from cheap leagues and countries, but the rating requirements are very low. But other situations can be very difficult, especially as we start Christmas 2020, and people begin to accumulate more FIFA 20 coins.

Whether you're a newcomer to Ultimate Team or you've been playing since '09, you need to be tackling the FIFA 20 SBCs from the get-go. Recently, everyone should be in the liver legend mission. Even if it is not a liver legend mission, many players will play SQB mode to earn card packs and earn coins. But to be honest, SQB kicking is really not interesting, especially the liver legend task. Today I will teach you how to win the SQB competition in FIFA20 easily.

Specific method:

1.Difficulty selection: This method is only applicable to world-class difficulty at most. You can also try for low-level difficulty, but it seems that the success rate is not high.

2. After starting the game, you need to advance by 1 goal, and you can make more advances and be safe.

3. When you lead, gain the ball. Have a player bring the ball to the penalty area a little further ahead.

4. The key is here, let the player hold L1 / LB + false shot while standing. After the player has completed the action, do not press any buttons, and lower the handle. At this time, you will find that the AI ​​of the other party will stand there stupidly and will not grab. This continued until the end of the game.


1. This method only works for the last 70 minutes of the game. That is to say, you need to start the normal 20 minutes before the full kick, and you can start using this method from about 25 minutes after your lead.

2. If it fails after a while, switch to another player and try again. Every time you operate, it's better to change a player again. Such a high success rate.

Several of the legendary stand-alone missions of this month need to win world-class SQB, everyone can try.

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