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Path of Exile Guide: Marauder Example Builds

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Path of Exile Guide: Marauder Example Builds

Path of Exile strategy guide focuses on gameplay mechanics and describes the character categories and aspects of their development. Today we have a sample guide for Marauder. You will find here example character builds and some useful advice. Later we will update example guides on Ranger, Witch, Duelist, Templar, Shadow, etc. Stay tuned for here.


Marauder, being a character that relies on strength which gives him a health and physical damage bonus, considers punching in the face to be his main argument. This strategy works best for him so if you choose this character, you should focus on close combat with heavy weapons. In this build, he'll use two-hand maces.

How to play

Attacking swarms of enemies directly seems to be the best way to play. It doesn't make sense to choose an enemy to run away-you don't have to worry about your power when you use the right gems and correctly assign passive items.

Passive skills

This build focuses mainly on developing abilities related to maces - damage, chance to stun enemies with them, etc. Choosing passives related only to strength, the marauder will become a tank. The scheme shows the beginnings of character development - it defines initial passives and shows the best path towards them.

Active skills

A Marauder built according to this guide should get skill gems that are related to strength, and don't collide with a weapon that the character uses. That means that their description should specify if their skill works for a mace owner. The chart below shows several gems that are perfect for this type of character. Make collecting them all your highest priority.

Heavy Strike

Path of Exile Guide Heavy Strike

The character deals lots of damage to an enemy and throws them backward. Heavy Strike is a perfect skill to use in boss fights. When you're close to dying, using it may turn the tide and finish the battle.

Leap Slam

Path of Exile Guide Leap Slam

The character leaps and deals physical damage while landing. Leap Slam is not just a powerful attack that pushes the enemies back, but also a great way to escape a fight. When you're surrounded by enemies, using this skill will let you avoid fighting. There's also a less important, a bit humorous way of using it - you can move using leaps instead of walking.


Path of Exile Guide Sweep

A lethal 360-degree turn that harms and pushes back the enemies is called Sweep. It's mainly used for killing large groups of weak enemies. It lets you save some time.


Path of Exile Guide

Supporting Vitality aura is an excellent choice for fighting hordes of strong enemies that deal lots of damage. High regeneration may often save your life. It's also perfect for enemies that deal with lasting damage.

Marauder Example Builds

1. Warrior's Blood

  • Adds 1.8% health regeneration per second.
  • Adds 20 points to strength.


2. Heart of the Warrior

  • Adds 20 points to maximum health.
  • Adds 10 points to strength.
  • Adds 10% to maximum life.

3. Born to Fight

  • 26% increased Melee Physical Damage.
  • Adds 20 to Strength.
  • 4% increased melee attack speed.

4. Butchery

  • Physical damage dealt by two-handed weapons is increased by 20%.
  • Adds 20 points to strength.
  • Physical damage with two-handed melee weapon is increased by 4%.

5. Barbarism

  •  Increases maximum health by 6%.
  • Increases maximum fire resistance by 1%.
  • Adds 8% to fire resistance.

6. Bone Breaker

  • Physical damage dealt by maces is increased by 30%.
  • Stun duration on enemies is increased by 40%.

7. Skull Cracking

  • Physical damage dealt by maces is increased by 22%.
  • Chance to stun enemies with maces increases by 10%.

Smaller nodes – Smaller nodes included in this build are related mainly to health and its regeneration, increasing armour and effectiveness of life potions. Aside from typical defensive passive skills, there are also melee physical damage, critical hits and what's really important - using maces.

The above is an example guide for Marauder. For more builds or guides on the Path of Exile, you can visit If you need to buy PoE currency, you can also check their website.

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